March 3, 2024

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“NHPC Pursues Large-scale Pumped Storage Projects to Address Peak Power Demands”

In pursuit of pumped storage projects (PSPs), NHPC, a government-run hydropower company, is making great progress in several Indian states. These projects, which have a combined capacity of more than 20,000 megawatts (MW), have the potential to completely transform the nation’s power industry. NHPC seeks to pump water from lower reservoirs to upper reservoirs using the strength of extra grid energy, effectively storing potential energy that may be used during times of peak demand.

The CMD of NHPC, R K Vishnoi, recently disclosed that the organisation is currently engaged in the development of PSPs with a mind-boggling total capacity of 20,625 MW. Such a large-scale project demonstrates NHPC’s dedication to supplying the nation’s rising energy needs. ccording to Vishnoi, these projects play a crucial role in balancing the power grid and addressing peak power requirements. In addition to providing a reliable source of energy during periods of scarcity, PSPs offer numerous benefits such as energy arbitrage, ancillary services, and the seamless integration of renewable energy sources. By leveraging the changing energy landscape and market trends in the country, NHPC has proactively diversified its business portfolio to focus on the development of PSPs as part of its long-term growth plan. Recognizing the immense potential of PSPs, the Ministry of Power has introduced various policy initiatives to accelerate their implementation.


These activities are motivated by a firm knowledge of how PSPs can successfully integrate intermittent renewable energy sources with the electricity transmission grid. PSPs aid in meeting the peak power requirements of the grid while preserving stability and dependability by permitting the delivery of dispatchable renewable energy.

The industry’s good reaction has been promising. The ministry’s guidelines for PSPs, released in April 2023, have been well received by industry stakeholders, according to recent statements made by Power Secretary Alok Kumar. In reality, businesses have submitted plans for almost 30,000 MW of PSP projects to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). This tremendous reaction indicates the industry’s belief in the viability and promise of PSPs as a long-term answer to India’s energy demands.

By the fiscal year 2032, the CEA predicts that 236 gigawatt hours (GWh) of battery energy storage systems (BESS) and 27 GW of PSPs will be needed. These forecasts underline the country of India’s rising need for energy storage technologies. PSPs will be crucial in guaranteeing grid stability and fulfilling the fluctuating energy demands as the nation prioritises the addition of renewable energy sources to its power mix.

An important turning point has been reached for the Indian power industry with the growth of PSPs. PSPs support the overall stability and dependability of the grid by addressing the intermittent nature of renewable energy supply.

NHPC seeks to lead PSP development and advance India’s transition to a greener, more sustainable energy future through its unrelenting dedication and strategic partnerships.

NHPC’s pursuit of pumped storage projects (PSPs) with a capacity more than 20,000 MW, in conclusion, is a key step towards revolutionising India’s power sector. PSPs provide a dependable way to deal with electricity shortages since they can store and use extra grid energy during times of peak demand. The efforts of NHPC, backed by supportive policies and partnerships with important stakeholders, will surely aid India’s energy transformation and guarantee a more sustainable and dependable power supply for the country.

What is NHPC?

National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, or NHPC for short, is a well-known state-run hydroelectric corporation in India. With a significant presence in the power industry, NHPC is essential to the creation, management, and upkeep of hydroelectric power plants all throughout the nation. Utilising water resources to their full potential in order to produce clean, sustainable energy is the company’s main goal. The hydropower projects of NHPC make a substantial contribution to the nation’s power supply and help satiate the rising energy needs. As a key actor in the sector, NHPC consistently aspires to investigate cutting-edge approaches and eco-friendly procedures to guarantee a dependable and sustainable power infrastructure.


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