June 12, 2024

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Bhakshak Review: Pulkit’s Direction, Bhumi as Vaishali Singh, and Sanjay Mishra’s Bhaskar Shine in Gripping Crime Thriller

Release Date: February 9, 2024

Rating : 4.0/5.0

Bhakshak, skillfully directed by Pulkit, emerges as a compelling crime thriller that takes the audience on a gripping journey through societal issues. Starring Bhumi Pednekar as Vaishali Singh and Sanjay Mishra as Bhaskar, the film delves into a shocking shelter home case, offering a thought-provoking narrative.


Plot and Narrative: Pulkit’s direction shines in Bhakshak, creating a narrative that captivates from the opening scene. Bhumi Pednekar, in the role of Vaishali Singh, delivers a stellar performance, portraying the character’s emotional depth with authenticity. Sanjay Mishra, as Bhaskar, adds an extra layer of intrigue, showcasing his versatility as an actor. The chemistry between Pednekar and Mishra elevates the film’s impact.

Performance: Bhumi Pednekar’s portrayal of Vaishali Singh demands a range of emotions, and she delivers with finesse, bringing the character to life. Sanjay Mishra’s Bhaskar is a testament to his acting prowess, providing a nuanced and compelling performance. The duo’s on-screen dynamic adds depth and authenticity to the narrative.

Direction and Cinematography: Pulkit’s direction ensures a tight grip on the suspense and pacing, making Bhakshak an engaging watch. The cinematography, handled by Kumar Sourabh, captures the essence of the narrative with visually stunning shots. The interplay of light and shadow intensifies the overall impact of the storytelling.

Shelter Home Case: Bhakshak fearlessly confronts the issue of a shelter home, unraveling the harsh realities within the system. The screenplay, marked by unexpected twists and turns, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film’s unflinching exploration of societal issues makes it a thought-provoking experience.

Music and Background Score: The music and background score of Bhakshak, composed by Clinton and Anurag Saikia, enhance the emotional resonance of the film. The haunting melodies and pulsating beats contribute to the overall intensity of key scenes, creating a memorable audio-visual experience.

Koshish News Channel Plotting: Adding another layer to the narrative, Bhakshak intricately weaves in the plotting of Koshish News Channel. The film sheds light on the media’s role in uncovering the truth and the challenges faced by journalists in their pursuit of justice. This subplot adds depth and relevance to the overarching storyline.

Final Verdict: Bhakshak, under Pulkit’s direction, is a must-watch crime thriller featuring standout performances by Bhumi Pednekar and Sanjay Mishra. The film’s exploration of societal issues, coupled with its suspenseful narrative, sets it apart in the genre. Bhakshak not only entertains but also prompts reflection on the harsh realities it portrays.

In conclusion, Bhakshak is a powerful cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression. Pulkit’s adept direction, coupled with strong performances and a socially relevant narrative, makes it a standout addition to the world of crime thrillers.

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